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I Am A Functional Therapist…

…but I am licensed as an occupational therapist.  The terms are basically synonymous since the primary role of OT is to restore or maximize function.  I am opting to call myself “Functional Therapist” because it seems as though many professionals are staking claim to the term “function” as a subspecialty of their own vocations.  It may be an ubiquitous buzzword that implies a simplified approach, but it’s truest meaning lies right in my wheelhouse.

Functional fitness, functional neurology, functional medicine… I am a fan of all of these practical, holistic approaches to wellness.  In fact, this website is the lovechild of every “functional” field as it relates to aging, with a strong respect for conventional medicine, ancestral health, and good, old fashioned common sense.

I have spent the last 25 years immersed in the care of older adults. I have paid close attention to how human beings age, where and how diseases take hold, and how to mitigate the decline of independence.

And that’s what it’s really all about… living a life that is enjoyable, and meaningful, and FUNCTIONAL.

Let’s explore every viable opportunity to age well.  I am part owner of two fabulous companies that hold my heart and passions, as well as the sole author of this site.

I can ramble on and on about aging-in-place, design elements and programming for senior living, functional fitness, rehabilitation of the older adult, and any topic related to brain health or cognitive impairment.  Got a need, an issue, a challenge, or a hopeless case?

Call me.

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