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Bathing Abilities in Late Stage Dementia

Lots of times we call these folks “dependent”- people that cannot bathe themselves and require assistance from a caregiver.  But if you were to break down the later stages of dementia into a series of abilities that decline over time, ...

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The Allen Model

*** Much of what I’ve learned about Alzheimer’s, and how to objectivify my observations, comes from Claudia Allen’s Cognitive Disabilities Theory.  The Allen Scale is the only handy dementia-rating scale that is based on function- rather than language-based answers to ...

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The Importance of Routines

Are you a “sock-shoe-sock-shoe” or a “sock-sock-shoe-shoe”? We all have our own routines- our own patterns for completing tasks in our day.  Dementia alters the ability to learn new routines or recover from a deviation in a routine.  When early ...

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