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Alzheimer’s Prevention: There Are No Shortcuts

When you think long and hard about the epidemic of Alzheimer’s (as I have on a daily basis for over 25 years), you realize a few things:

  1. In order for it to be so widespread among industrialized nations, there must be some external forces causing internal reactions.
  2. It’s not purely genetic, although it is probably genetically influenced.
  3. It’s multifactorial.
  4. It takes years to develop.
  5. And it is probably of our own doing.

So to unpack this even further, it is something that is not natural to human biology… it is something that is causing a disruption of natural pathways, or multiple pathways, as the human body is programmed to function with lots of cycles and systems that are dependent on each other- like spinning cogwheels. If you try to bypass or shortcut one of those processes- like taking a pill for vitamin D instead of letting sunshine induce vitamin D synthesis- you may end up skipping some very vital steps, which can be confusing to our cells… which in turn influences their behavior. I wouldn’t look for a vaccine or procedure to prevent Alzheimer’s, as those recent developments tend to take that common downstream approach.

The answers we should be seeking are upstream:
Why is it developing at all?
What are we doing to ourselves that is breaking apart normal processes?

My two cents: Your best bet is to optimize all the natural processes of your body by letting it do what it is designed to do:
🥗 eat a wide variety of natural foods
😴 sleep when the sun is down, wake when it rises
🤸‍♀️ move in all different planes and patterns
👬 be social and connected
🚭 avoid environmental toxins (junk food, smoking, household chemicals)
💊stop medicating problems and get to the root cause of any system dysfunction you’re having
🏔️ go outside and be part of the planet like a good human.

This is our best shot of eradicating this disease, because by living this way, you also eradicate other diseases (heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers).

It’s all connected folks. 

(PS I do not think that vitamin D supplementation causes Alzheimer’s disease- just an example of an artificial shortcut that may not be necessary).

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