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Bed Alarm- A Creative Solution

One of my colleagues ran into this little nugget of ingenuity and I just had to share.

“Lilly” kept getting out of bed.  It was hard for Lilly’s family to keep a constant eye on her, and she frequently got to her feet before they could stop her.

Instead of using a pricey bed alarm or the kind of personal alarm that would clip to Lilly’s boney frame, the family tried this inexpensive motion detector intended for automatic garage door openers.




The bed was pushed up against the wall so that she could only get out of bed on one side.  The family put the sensor on the nightstand and directed the “beam” along the edge of the bed.  They carried the receiver around the house with them, even while they mowed the grass!  Any time a body part crossed the “line” that ran parallel to the side of the bed, the alarm would sound.

For $15.99 the family was able to keep Lilly safe from falling.  That is some smart thinkin’ right there!


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  1. This worked for me. We had purchased a more expensive motion-detector type alarm (rather than the pad kind that the nursing homes use, because we wanted it to be less obvious), but found that Mom sometimes got out of bed on a different side of the bed than usual and would be wandering around. We now have the original alarm set up where her feet touch the floor when she sits up, and the other alarm positioned on the window sill so that if she gets out on the wrong side and heads toward the door, the beam is broken and the alarm sounds. One caution: All of them are VERY sensitive, so you must set them up so that random “turning over,” adjusting bedcovers, etc. does not set them off.

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