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Tips- Early Stage

The Comfort of Family Photos

Many of us have tried to comfort or bond with someone with memory impairment by showing them photographs of their children and grandchildren. We inadvertently ask challenging questions like names and relationships… details that can be difficult to recall for someone who ...

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Bed Alarm- A Creative Solution

One of my colleagues ran into this little nugget of ingenuity and I just had to share. “Lilly” kept getting out of bed.  It was hard for Lilly’s family to keep a constant eye on her, and she frequently got ...

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Improving Cooperation: A Three Step Experiment

Anxiety and resistance to care in dementia are common issues related to deterioration of the frontal lobe (insight and judgment) and the hippocampus (short term memory).  Caregivers frequently find this lack of cooperation and anxiety more exhausting than the actual  physical ...

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