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The Writer In Me

Sunny In My Shadow

I recently won third place in Bethesda Magazine’s essay writing contest.  I thought I’d share this bit of motherly prose with you.  Published with the permission of my beautiful daughter, Sunny. ***   You know I get you, right? I ...

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Dignity Restored

 *** She wrote a book of poetry, and I treasured my autographed copy like a cache of paper diamonds.  The poem about me is on page eleven, and there is an ink sketch of a little girl at the top ...

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Where’s Maria?

  *** I don’t remember much before this moment.  I don’t recognize exactly where I am, although this recliner chair fits me like a glove.  A female talk show host on the television is blathering on and on about some ...

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 ***  The other day, I held the hand of a dying woman. I do it all the time, actually. It’s just some are dying sooner than others. The perspective from which I view this transition makes me fairly detached from ...

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