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Don’t Age. Evolve.

What if we looked at growing older as an evolution rather than an aging process?

What if we viewed each passing year as an opportunity to maximize our ongoing development?

If you want to be better next year than you are right now, then make choices that give your cells, organs, and systems the optimal conditions to thrive.

That means feeding your body things it needs- good fats, low sugar, moderate protein, vitamins and minerals, and plenty of hydration.

That means exercising to keep muscles growing and bones strong and vessels wide open.

That means engaging in the environment, and accepting challenges (physical, cognitive, and social) even if the results are not “successful” or if it makes you “uncomfortable”.

Cellular senescence can be delayed through healthy practices, and the more efficiently your cells function, the more opportunity your body has to benefit from the entire cellular lifespan. Or, you can kill them off rather quickly with poor choices- inflammatory diet, smoking, lack of movement, lack of socialization.

If brain cells are going to age and die- and they are- you better put them to work while they’re alive… building new neural tracks, communicating with other cells, lighting up regions of the brain that may be under-stimulated.  Same goes for joint health, gut health, and heart health!

Don’t age.  Evolve!


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  1. This is a great way to look at it. Whatever it takes to stay motivated!

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