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How to Know When a Loved One Requires Home Care Services

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There are few things more challenging than the day you realize your parent needs help to get through the day. The effects of aging can sneak up on you. One day your beloved parent is strong and healthy and seemingly the next they are missing meals, not keeping up with the housework or not taking care of their personal hygiene. How do you know when a loved one is in need of home care services?

According to the Skylark Adult Day Care, common signs indicating a need for home care services range from the physical to emotional to changes in routine. Here are some key signs your loved one may be ready for home care services:

  • Unexplained falls and/or bruises
  • Problems with balance or mobility (walking)
  • Changes in eating including a poor diet or weight loss
  • Changes in hygiene and grooming habits including body odor
  • Forgetting or missing appointments
  • Mood swings including lack of desire to participate in once favorite activities
  • Confusion when completing once familiar tasks
  • A dirty house including extreme clutter or lack of attention to cleaning or laundry
  • Unopened mail, unpaid bills, late payment notices, etc.
  • Uncertainty about mediations or forgetting to take medications

If your loved one has been showing some or all of the signs above, now may be the time to consider home care services. While it may be increasing difficult for your loved one to complete these types of tasks, it doesn’t mean that they must move from their home. Home care services provided by a professional caregiver make it possible for your loved one to continue living at home.

Home care services are often provided by elder care agencies like Visiting Angels.  Elder care agencies employ professional caregivers who help the elderly with the tasks associated with daily living. “Our Angel companions help our clients with many different home care services ranging from grooming and hygiene care to meal preparation and light housekeeping. We work with each of our care recipients to ensure they have all the help they need to continue living independent lives,” explains Larry Meigs, President and CEO of Visiting Angels.

If you are concerned your loved one may be struggling to live independently, take the time to research qualified home care services agencies in your area before discussing options with your loved one. Call your local Visiting Angels office for detailed information on the home care services we provide.

Article provided by Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services


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Visiting Angels was established in 1991 in Baltimore as an independent agency caring for seniors in their homes. Today, Visiting Angels agencies employ only experienced caregivers and conduct the most comprehensive background screenings to ensure that their caregivers meet or exceed the company’s high standards. For companion care, Alzheimer’s care, Dementia care and the country’s best palliative care program make Visiting Angels your choice in home care services. For more information on Visiting Angels or to find a location near you, please visit www.VisitingAngels.com.

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