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Ideal Color for Walls for Dementia Resident


Thanks to T for this great inquiry.  I already replied to her with my thoughts, now let’s hear yours.  Then I’ll share what T decided to do and how it’s working out.

How would you decorate this apartment?  And props to T for being an amazing daughter.


Mom is at mid stage Alz, very healthy, likely live 100 yrs old and till I’m broke. just bought a 2-br-2ba condo for mom & dad. this is where they will likely live till the end, unless absolutely no choice have no move one or both to nursing care facility. I have one month to get this condo elder friendly and Alz friendly. Trying to decide what color to paint for the living room, bed room and bathroom. Mom has refused to bath since July, sponge bath if dad is lucky, mom can’t find the bathroom if everything is painted white.

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  1. It’s a great question T asks. I would suggest either a blue, green, violet or pink in their pale shades. Blue is very calming. Green is refreshing and calming as well. Violet is good for inner balance and peace. Pink is soothing and normalizes energy. All these colours help with stress and anxiety. Maybe one of them is also her mom’s favourite, which helps with decision-making.

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