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Let Me Tell You About Sunrise Senior Living

As a reputable blogger, it is my duty to disclose any financial relationship I have with a product or service I endorse.

I hereby disclose that I have an affiliate marketing relationship with Sunrise.  If a reader clicks on the advertisement on the home page and fills out the contact information, I receive a small commission.

But the truth is that I would not endorse a product or service that I didn’t believe in.  I have worked in half a dozen Sunrise communities over the last 15 years, and I truly believe in the company’s mission and purpose.  Having been with them for so long, I have seen the changes in the industry and healthcare and the effects on the senior living world…  and Sunrise has navigated these waters very well.  For such a large organization, they have always demonstrated consistency among all of their communities.  The leadership has always been strong.

If ever I were to endorse an assisted living provider, Sunrise is an easy choice.

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