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  1. Dear Dementia Queen,

    You may have heard some of the buzz lately around the book called “the greatest Alzheimer’s novel yet,” We Are Not Ourselves: A Novel by Matthew Thomas. Janet Maslin said of the novel in a New York Times review: “This is one of the frankest novels ever written about love between a caregiver and a person with a degenerative disease. The great French film ‘Amour’ conveyed the emotional aspects of such a relationship, but Mr. Thomas spares nothing and still makes it clear how deeply in love these soul mates are.” I’m writing to you today because of your connection to the disease; I hope that you and your blog readers will connect to the story told within the pages of We Are Not Ourselves.

    The author Matthew Thomas lost his own father to early onset Alzheimer’s and has poured his personal experiences into this novel. He has also written a widely-shared piece for Time.com: When Will I Die? How I Decided Whether to Test for Early-Onset Alzheimer’s (http://time.com/3144320/early-onset-alzheimers-genetic-testing/). While this is a work of fiction, the emotion captured within its pages is all too real.

    It is nearly impossible to adequately describe how breathtaking and moving this novel is, how effortless the read, and how realistic the portrayal of a family struck by the devastating diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s. We Are Not Ourselves is the story of Eileen Tumulty. Born to Irish immigrants, Eileen strives every day to realize the American Dream of a better home and station in life for herself, her husband and son. Just when her dreams are within reach, her husband Ed receives the heartbreaking diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s. We Are Not Ourselves is the story of how one ordinary woman finds the extraordinary strength to hold her family together in the face of tragedy.

    Read a free excerpt from We Are Not Ourselves online: https://medium.com/sneak-peek-fiction/we-are-not-ourselves-3e10c67c5964).

    Please contact me if you’re interested in receiving a free copy of We Are Not Ourselves to review for your blog, or simply for your own reading experience, or if you’re interested in hosting a book giveaway or another feature for your readers.

    Andrea DeWerd

    Marketing Manager, Simon & Schuster
    1230 Avenue of the Americas | New York, NY 10020
    212-698-7399 | Andrea.DeWerd@simonandschuster.com | @ajdewerd

  2. Maurice Dorscheidt

    Hello Andrea,

    Have just popped into your homepage att DQ.
    I am studying to become an specialist assistent nurse for elderly people with dementia.
    In Sweden it is called Specialist undersköterska inom demensvården.
    Next year I hope to finish my studies and at this moment we are into the chapter of livinf with dementia.
    We have to write a case on a ‘personal’ item. I took Snoezelen. maybe because i am Dutch, but mainly because we know so little at the place I am working. Everybody has heard it somewhere but because of financial plans of the city, there is nothing left to snoezel.

    I read about receiving a cpoy of the book” we are not ourselves”.

    Could you please send a copy to me. It can be helpful to use in my case.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Kind regards,

    Maurice Dorscheidt
    Kullsvaegen 26
    SE 34032 Grimsloev, Sweden

  3. The photo top right certainly hits home with me. My mum has dinmetea and I have seen her progress from a lady happy to talk to you to someone slumped in a chair unable to even recognise me. Thanks for all your work in getting the message about Dementia to everyone in our community. It is certainly something we cannot ignore.

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