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Sue Paul (aka The Dementia Queen) on Go Healthy for Life on treatment of stroke. (Dec 2012)


Sue Paul shows practical tips to regain function after stroke. (Dec 2012)


Sue Paul talks about managing fatigue after stroke (7 minute mark) (Dec 2012)


  1. My friend, for whom I am POA and guardian, has been on namenda and aricept for at least 2 years. What have you found that justifies the continued use of these drugs, when the “voices” she hears continue, as well as her anxiety that we will be “bombed” – something that pushes her to put on her coat after lunch ea day and she tells her cg that “we have to go!!” She seems fine when only w one person. She eats in a group, and lives in a memory care unit.

    • Hi Pat… all tough issues. I’m not an expert on medications- a disclaimer- but my understanding is that hallucinations and delusions are usually not something that Aricept and Namenda would be prescribed for. Those two drugs seem to help symptoms like language and memory retrieval, but you don’t know if it’s really working unless she stops taking it. But then, so I hear, she really can’t go back on it again. If her anxiety is better managed in a less stimulating environment- one on one- then I would work toward creating a calmer setting. That impending sense of doom is pretty common, so as much as the caregivers can direct the conversation toward happy topics, play music, and keep her busy with gross motor activities, the better her chances of feeling calmer. If it worsens, talk to her doc. Sorry I don’t have better suggestions. Keep me posted!

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