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Naomi Feil TEDx/Amsterdam Women

I had the pleasure of attending a Naomi Feil workshop on validation years ago.  The nuggets of wisdom I learned from her have served me well, and have given me that little extra insight into what an emotional elder really needs to hear and feel.  Check her out from this year’s TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

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  1. Heather, What a delight reandig your input today. I, too, have been busy in life and need to get back to my blog.I agree with you about spending time with our loved ones in their room alone for visits. My husband (who has Alzheimer’s) has family pictures spread out on his table and shares their stories with me and anyone who comes in day after day. His face lights up as he talks about his pictures and the memories come alive.What a delight it is for me, his partner, to see his spark re-ignited!

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