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I spend a lot of my time treating patients in Sunrise Senior Living communities (I am not an employee).  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year as the focus of the entire corporation is on memory care and available resources to enhance brain function and caregiver support.

November 2-8 is the Sunrise Senior Living “Resources to Remember” campaign. This is an opportunity for people to attend a memory-care resource event or join a caregiver support group.

At one of the Sunrise communities in my area, I will be attending a lecture given by Dr. Majid Fotuhi, author of the Memory Cure and Boost Your Brain.  Dr. Fotuhi is a personal hero of mine, being one of the few behavioral neurologists in the Washington DC/ Metro area who realizes that treating dementia requires a holistic approach, and pharmacology is not the only answer.

Kudos to Sunrise of Montgomery Village for inviting Dr. Fotuhi to speak and providing opportunities for the local community to learn more about how to deal with this growing epidemic.  Check out the Sunrise Resources to Remember Campaign page to see what is being offered in your area.  If you’re in the Washington/ Maryland area, please join me on Wednesday November 3rd.

I am so looking forward to it!


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