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T2 Protect AD Study

There is a new study for Alzheimer’s treatment opening across the county, and it’s exciting for many reasons.

The T2 Protect AD Study (Troriluzole Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease) is unique because it focuses on people already affected by the disease- mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.  It is also interesting because it isn’t targeting amyloid and tau, but the neurotransmitter glutamate.  Too much glutamate can disrupt nerve function and lead to nerve cell death.

Troriluzole is a prodrug, meaning it is an inactive compound that is converted to a drug by the body.  This could mean a safer, better tolerated, and better absorbed delivery mechanism.  Troriluzole is metabolized into the drug riluzole, which has been used to slow the progression of ALS.  Preclinical studies suggest that T2 can improve synaptic function, which can lead to improved learning and memory.

There will be no treatment or cure for Alzheimer’s without research.  Clinical studies need you!  Here are the criteria:

  • Women and men aged 50-85 with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease (otherwise, in general good health)
  • On stable doses of donepezil (Aricept®) or rivastigmine (Exelon®) or galantamine (Razadyne®) for at least 3 months with or without memantine (Namenda®)
  • Living in the community (not in a residential nursing home)
  • Having a study partner who has regular contact with the trial participant (about 10 hours per week). The study partner will accompany the participant to the clinic visits
  • Willing to participate in the T2 Study for 48 weeks

There are dozens of locations all over the country.  Check out the website and find a site near you.




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