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The Myth of Alzheimer’s

This book has blown my eyes wide open. After 100 years of exploration into the causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, we are no closer to solving the riddle than Alois Alzheimer was in the early 1900s. Dr. Peter Whitehouse ...

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Pesticides and Alzheimer’s

It seems the adverse effects of DDT, and its cousin and byproduct DDE, may extend beyond birth defects and cancer.  According to a new study in JAMA Neurology,  people with the APOE gene may be more susceptible to the effects ...

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Still Alice

  This book is one of the best books I’ve ever read.  It is gut-wrenching and honest, and the perspective is so genuine that you wonder how the author has such insight into the Alzheimer’s journey.   I caution those ...

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Driving and Dementia

*** This post comes to you courtesy of someone who is highly familiar and experienced with the difficult subject of driving and dementia.  Her name is Meredith Lyons, OTR/L, DRT… and she is awesome. *** The Bad Guy No one wants ...

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