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Dementia Is Not A “Memory Problem”

I recently gave a one hour presentation on dementia and never once used the word “Memory”. And it wasn’t intentional. It dawned on me after the fact… after I had discussed many of the challenges of dementia behaviors, and tips ...

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5 Tips for Managing Hypersexuality in Dementia

Hypersexuality in dementia (both the Alzheimer’s and frontotemporal types) is a common and difficult issue. Here are five strategies for managing sexually inappropriate behavior: 1.  Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) As much as people complain about how antidepressants cause a ...

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Frontal Release Signs

*** Frontal Release Signs are primitive reflexes that, when seen in adults with dementia, are indicative of disorders that affect the frontal lobes. Primitive reflexes are hardwired into our brains, and we used them during development as building blocks to master survival functions ...

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Gegenhalten Tone

*** Have you seen Gegenhalten tone in your late/end stage Alzheimer’s patients?  It’s actually considered a primitive reflex, no longer inhibited due to bilateral dysfunction of the mesial cortex and frontal lobes (premotor cortex)  Theoretically, we used the reflex in ...

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