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The Banner Alzheimer’s Institute: Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative

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I think it is important to talk about Alzheimer’s prevention, especially the scientific, blue sky initiatives that offer more realistic hope than the latest off-the-shelf-cure-all ingredient.

I had the opportunity to listen in to The Banner Institute’s Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative and want to spread this message because I believe in it’s value (and yes, I was compensated for this post but strongly agree with the purpose of the initiative).

First, a little about The Banner Alzheimer Institute.  BAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s research, treatment, and care. It’s mission:

  • To conduct revolutionary studies for the detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
  • To establish new national standards of patient and family care
  • To forge new scientific collaborations between institutions and disciplines internationally

BAI is looking to build an online community of people 18 years and older who are interested in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.  This “Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry” will provide members with regular updates on the latest scientific advances and news, and information on overall brain health.

Enrollees will also have the opportunity to participate in prevention studies… this is key.

Many people don’t realize that researchers need to screen 10-20 times the number of people needed to enroll in a clinical trial… and they need both people with the disease and people without the disease.  The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative will focus on people without symptoms.  Is that you?  Please sign up!

Recruitment for clinical trials continues to be a barrier in pushing research forward.  We all need to do this, lest we become one of the 15 million people affected by Alzheimer’s by the year 2050.

So if you enroll, you will receive easy to understand news and be part of a huge resource of potential study participants for prevention research.  There is such power in numbers folks… we need to do this.

Sign up here... I did.

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