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The One Thing You Can Control


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We are designed to eat as if food was scarce.  Therefore, the battle to control portions and foods that are high in bad fat and calories is a conscious one.  Our “full sensor” doesn’t switch on for 30 minutes after we eat, thereby encouraging mass consumption in case the next meal never comes.  It’s a survival thing.

But, as the most evolved species on the planet, we also have the ability to self-regulate.  We have the ability to make choices, weigh options, and override primitive instinctual behaviors.

In other words, you have the power to beat back Mother Nature.

Decades of research into chronic disease management have resulted in the same simple conclusion.  There is no magic pill.  The secret to a healthy brain and body boils down to diet and exercise.

Diet and exercise.

Diet and exercise.

This website is not directed only at those with dementia.  It is for those whose brains are aging… mine, yours, and theirs.  It is for those of us with or without a neurodegenerative disease process.  If we are going to talk about delaying the aging process and disease management, we are going to have to talk about nutrition.

Nutrition has a direct relationship to brain health.  What you eat influences blood sugar levels, insulin levels, inflammatory responses, cellular toxicity, cholesterol ratios, cortisol levels… all the buzz words in the literature that are proven to influence how the brain functions.

The one thing standing in your way of optimal brain health is the impulse to eat the wrong things. But the good news is that you can decide exactly what you put in your own mouth.

It is not a matter of willpower, it is a matter of choice.

And if you are the person making nutritional decisions for someone who cannot make informed and conscious decisions, we will talk about ways to meet their nutritional needs while minimizing resistance.

Proper nutrition is critical for brain health. It is the one thing you can control.

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  1. Mark, the Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle (my philosophy of .get out. get dirty. get fit. get fun.) is somiehtng that I focus on with everyone I come in contact with. You are the expert and I look forward to future conversations about how everyone can become aware of the importance of the Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle! Dan

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