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The Prevention Paradox

We humans are an interesting breed.

We have the capacity to learn what causes disease, how to treat it, and how to cure it.

We spend a boatload of money on medical research, looking for disease treatments and cures.  And even if the research concludes a viable plan for prevention, treatment, and cure, we will still only invest our personal resources in the latter two.

The healthcare paradox is in the spending.

We will spend money for the research that will identify disease and tell us what to do “after diagnosis”, but we won’t spend to implement the prevention strategies that the same research identifies.

Here is the truth: if you are diagnosed with a disease, you will spend money.

You will spend money on conventional treatment plans.

You will spend money on non-covered treatment options

You will spend money on medications.

You will spend money on medical supplies.

You will spend money on your care.

You will spend money you had saved for a rainy day.

You will spend money on equipment.

You will spend money modifying your environment.

But you won’t spend today to prevent all that spending later.

There is some false narrative at play directing our investment choices in a way that works against our best interests.

This is a fixable curiosity of the human condition.

Exercise, plant based diet, and socialization.

Three of the cheapest ways to prevent disease.

It’s time, and it’s too late, for paradoxical change.

But start anyway.


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