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Improving Cooperation: A Three Step Experiment

Anxiety and resistance to care in dementia are common issues related to deterioration of the frontal lobe (insight and judgment) and the hippocampus (short term memory).  Caregivers frequently find this lack of cooperation and anxiety more exhausting than the actual  physical ...

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Pseudobulbar Affect

Pseudobulbar Affect (PBA) is a phenomenon associated with a variety of neurological conditions.  It is characterized by sudden, involuntary, and frequent episodes of laughing or crying.  These outbursts are usually disproportionate to the circumstances or regardless of the underlying emotional ...

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The best way to describe apraxia is to first discuss praxis… which is the complex neurological system that remembers previously learned movements in our brains so that our movements are smooth and efficient.  It also remembers how to use objects. ...

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